3 Essential Steps To Take When Hiring Remote Workers


Have you decided to hire remote employees for your business? If you do not need employees to physically come into the office to do their jobs, having them work from where they feel the most comfortable is surely more convenient for them and is a great way to keep your employees productive. Many people prefer working from home because they can avoid the long commute that it often takes to get to work and they can prepare lunch at home instead of worrying about spending money on lunch each day. If you are going to hire new remote workers, you will need to go through a simple process before those individuals begin working.

Carefully Review Their Resumes

Review the resumes of applicants that are interested in the remote positions you are offering to see what kind of experience they have. While you can hire people based on their experience and the different skills they have, you may also want to hire those who have experience working remotely. When someone has worked remotely in the past, they have typically learned how to keep themselves motivated and may even have an office at home where they do their work to avoid distractions. Of course, you can always ask about a home office when you are interviewing potential hires, too.

Come Up With a Contract and Get an Electronic Signature

For legal reasons, you should have a contract created. You need the contract to include details about the position each person is being hired for, the compensation they will receive, and the hours they are expected to work. You can include any other important details that you believe should get included in the document before you send it over to anyone you are planning to hire. Once you have sent the document over, have the person sign it electronically and send it back to you. The electronic signature is such a convenient way to have a legal contract between you and your employees without ever meeting with them in person. You can use a mobile-ready digital contract creation software to help you set this up.

Provide Paid Training

Once you have hired the new applicants, be prepared to train them. Offering paid training is always beneficial because then the employees can learn the ropes while still receiving a fair hourly wage. If you do require training for certain positions, make the applicants aware of that information in the contract you are creating.

When hiring remote employees, you should pay attention to their resumes, build a detailed contract, have them sign that contract, and then begin the training process. Some of your best employees may work from home for you, even if they live several states away from your location.


26 February 2019

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