Three Ways To Use Video In Your Online Marketing Campaigns


Video offers a compelling way to connect with potential customers online. Short videos can help get your message across quickly and clearly, and they can paint a picture of what your company has to offer. If you are not sure whether or not you should incorporate video into your online marketing strategy, here are a few options you might want to consider.


Testimonial videos are short videos that either have a customer or client discussing how your products have helped them. A personal message from someone already working with your company can help demonstrate what you can do for new customers and clients. Keep the video brief, and focus on showing the person speaking rather than stock video and graphics. The idea should be to create an intimate setting where the person speaking is talking directly to your viewers. You can post these videos on social media as well as your company website.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Give people a better idea of how your company works by creating a few behind-the-scenes videos. These videos might include visiting your factory floor to show how your products are made, or they might cover brainstorming sessions where your product development team pitches ideas for new products. These videos can be a great option for introducing your audience to a new product by showing them not only what your product does, but also how it is actually made.

Video Stories

Video stories may be similar to commercials, but they create a unique way for your audience to connect to your product. You can highlight how to use your products, or you can simply show how your products can improve someone's life. For a new medication or piece of medical equipment, your video might follow a person using the product for the first time and how it has provided a better quality of life. For food products, your video might show different ways to prepare and serve the product. Determine what the focus of the video will be, and then build a story that captures the spirit of your product and what it can do for potential customers.

The key to creating great videos is to hire a professional videographer. While recording options are available on most smartphones these days, the production quality you want comes from hiring someone who is experienced in creating compelling marketing videos. You might even want to consider bringing on a videographer full time to create videos for your social media outlets and website and for vendors who want to expand sales of your products.

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7 May 2018

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