3 Tips For Marketing Yourself On Social Media


Using social media to market yourself and your brand is a necessity. Since many people find new businesses and look for information via social media more often, having a business website alone is not enough. There are ways to be successful on social media.

Quality Over Quantity

The quality of your social media accounts will always be more important than quantity. This includes putting more effort into fewer platforms and the quality of individual posts. Try to scale down your efforts by choosing the major social media platforms that are frequently used by the general population. This will increase the number of people who are likely to follow you on social media, and it is more likely these people will share posts with their friends. Aim to focus on quality posts, even if it means you only post once each day. Followers generally do not respond well to accounts that crowd their feed with useless information. Additionally, keep your posts related to your niche as much as possible. When you deviate off course, you typically frustrate your audience.

Use Scheduling Software

There are usually free scheduling tools, but you will want to invest in the premium version for maximum potential. Scheduling your posts makes it easier to post content to different platforms without having to remember to log into each account. Most people who are successful on social media plan their posts for weeks in advance and may have a theme associated with their posts. For example, if you are in the fitness industry, you might post workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday might be reserved for nutrition information. On Saturday you might create a post, such as question and answer sessions, to interact with your audience. You might take Sunday off or use this day to incorporate sponsored posts. Keeping a schedule makes it easier for you to provide quality content while your audience can have the expectation of a post on a specific day.

Clean Up

Although "drama" can create engagement, most people do not respond favorably to negativity on social media. This includes the posts you make and comments from your followers. Keep your social media accounts as clean as possible by not inciting arguments or being offensive to people and promptly deleting comments that are offensive. Since every social media personality will likely face offensive comments, you might choose a designated person to remove these comments so you do not see them before you interact with legitimate followers who make appropriate comments. Additionally, it is not enough to be okay with rude or offensive comments as long as they are not directed at you. Never allow your followers to be harassed. Regularly cleaning up your social media accounts by deleting comments and blocking people as necessary will also help you catch people who simply make a new profile to continue their harassment.

The power of social media means you likely need to maintain social media accounts to reach your online business goals. Having a plan will make it easier to stay engaged and not become overwhelmed. To learn more about signing up for business and social media training reach out to a place like YOUR ONLINE LEARNING.


8 February 2018

Improving Your Online Marketing

As soon as I started my business, I realized that there were some important things I needed to do in order to improve my presence online. For starters, I realized that I needed to focus on improving my marketing skills, so I went through and worked hard to make sure that my website was visible. However, I could tell that I needed some help, so I turned to an online marketing company for a little advice. They were amazing to work with, and within a few days they had the entire website it much better shape. This blog is all about improving your online marketing so that people can find you online.